Product Name : TOYOTA SIENTA-2017~ Aluminum radiator shroud(ES-T0139)
Product Description

Prevent the air flow running casually in the front of vehicle.
Strengthen the heat dissipation efficiency for the water tank.

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    Product Character


    1. Cover the upper gap of front bumper.

    2. Prevent the steam to be sucked back in engine room and passed through the water tank.

    3. Guide the high velocity airflow to pass through the water tank.

    4. Strengthen the heat dissipation efficiency for the water tank.

    5. Improve the aesthetics of the engine room.

    6. Made by Aluminum alloy.

    7. Special design for exclusive car.


    Toyota Sieta is a hot selling type currently.  Since the radiator and the air-conditioning drain on car are installed behind the tank frame, a large cavity appears between the front bumper and tank.  Once high-speed driving, part of the slamming airflow coming in from the front of vehicle will be thrown out of the large hole, so that the cold-blast-air volume passing through the water tank is reduced, thereby reducing the heat dissipation efficiency of water tank at high speed.


    This cavity will be also sucked up by the cooling fan in reverse direction of engine room steam during traffic jam, which hinders the heat dissipation of the water tank.

    In order to improve these problems, just add a radiator to the tank frame and block the hole to reinforce this shortcoming. This is why SPR wants to create this product, and it’s also more effective & beautiful in engine room after installing it.  It is easy to catch people’s vision.