What is SPR Subframe Collar?

SPR subframe collar is designed to fill the excess space on the subframe hole, to bring back the actual handling of the car. 

In modern cars, from engine, transmission, suspenstion and body shell are either directly or indirectly bolted to the subframe! This combination creates great contruction stiffness. However, a problem raises at the same time.

In the production process, the subframe holes are made larger than the bolts in order to speed up the production. This excess space allows the bolts to move even after subframe is installed and bolts are fastened, this misplace between two panels causes negative effects to the handling.

Therefore, SPR subframe collar is designed to heal this problem, to restore the actual handling back.

- Advantages of SPR subframe collar -

- Restore the function of suspension -
filling the excess gaps on subframe holes will make the shock aborbers fully functional, especially against bumps, you will feel the car is more solid, most shocks and viberations are absorbed by the suspension, not the car body.

- Imporve car handling - 
you will find the adhesion improves after installing our subframe collars, which resulting better tire grip, and better control of your car.

- Easy installation -
SPR subframe collars are effective, but very easy to install, for most cars, installation will not take more than 30 mins.