The Characteristics of SPR Forged Aluminum Sway Bars:

- Lightweight -
< 3kgs (based on our solid 28mm bar), mostly less than half weigth of other sway bars.

- Comfortable -
Unlike thickened steel sway bars are likely to cause body damage or uncomfortable stiff feeling, SPR sway bar is ductile, and improves your handling without sacrificing car comfort.

- Durability -
We provide 5 yeasrs guarantee on our bars for any deformation.

Quality Parts -
We provide CNC manufactured bush holders for many car models, and all our sway bars include CNC manufactured lateral lock kits.

- Attractive Appearance -
With our quality parts and hard anodised sway bars, the sway bars will not get rust or easily scratched, to last its appearance like new even after a long time.