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TSO RACING CO., LTD  was founded in 1990. Our business mainly focuses on after market automotive tuning parts and its accessories. From 1993 we became a distributor for high quality imported automotive tuning part accessories. In 1996 we introduced SPR brand in Taiwan market. In 1997, we started our own factory to offer our customers better products and reliable quality control. 

Our current products are mostly produced from 2 well known materials, Aluminum and Titaniumin.

Our aluminum parts include strut bars, sway bars, wheel bearing spacers, Seqiemtial Blow off valve, Gear Shift Levers & Knobs, Horn Button's Trim Cover, and wheel nuts and many many more.


Also, we make high quality Titanium parts such as wheel nuts, wheel bolts and shift knobs to the world market.

In addition, we once designed and developed Maganesium strut bars in 2002. This allows our customers to choose a different material if needed.

Currently, we are developing ceramic Coated Brake Disks, which aims to achieve heat tolerace and high strength, and to botain great weight reduction in overall performance compared to the stock parts.

It is our goal to satisfy the customers in design, and in product development. Innovation is our business principle!
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TEL :+886-26775998
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